The Keys to Knowing God’s Plan for Your Life

As people become older, they tend to form more and more questions in their minds – “What do I want to do with my life?”, “What are my long-term goals?”, and “Where is my life heading to?” These questions usually come to mind whenever a person is dealing with a life crisis. They can cause a great amount of anxiety, fear, and stress, especially when one is completely clueless about what the future holds for him or her.

Having a life crisis is normal. It is common for many people, especially those in their 20s or 30s, to go through a period of questioning and uncertainty about where their lives are heading to. This period is called as ‘quarter-life crisis’, and it usually occurs when people start feeling as if their lives are already going nowhere. This assumption is not true, of course. God has plans for everyone. Even before you were born into this world, God has already laid out His plan for you.

Sometimes, however, it might be difficult for you to realize the plan of God for certain reasons. Nonetheless, God has a plan and He is always there to guide to you. The Bible was Not Written in English by David Murdoch is a simple book that can answer many of your questions about God and the Bible, including your questions about His plan for your life. The explanation of Murdoch on understanding God’s overall plan can greatly help you navigate your way out of a life crisis. If you are currently full of questions and uncertainties about life, then you should certainly read Murdoch’s book. In addition to that, this article lists down below some of the keys to knowing God’s plan for your life.

Listen to what your heart says

Oftentimes, your heart already knows what you should be doing in your life. The desires of your heart are often in accordance to the desire and will of God. The tug of your heart – that small voice within you that is trying to tell you something – may be the voice of God who is calling you to take the path that He has prepared for you.

Sometimes, however, the distractions and noises of the world may be keeping you from hearing this voice. Because of this, you need to listen closely to what your heart says. Pay attention to the desires of your heart, which are often shaped by God Himself, so you would desire and do the things that He has already called you to do.

Follow what you already know about the will of God

Sometimes, people spend so much of their time trying to figure out God’s plans for their lives, while overlooking the fact that 98 per cent of His will has already been delineated through His Word. The Bible or the Holy Scripture, particularly, serves as the ultimate guidebook that contains the blueprint of the overall plan of God. God is very clear about many aspects of His will in the Bible. His teachings and commandments are meant to be followed by every Christian who wishes to follow the path the God has prepared for him or her.

If you are currently full of questions and uncertainties about life, then one of the very first things that you should do is to read the Bible. Be careful not to fall into the trap of deception and mistranslations of the Bible, however. In The Bible was Not Written in English, David Murdoch particularly warns that these mistranslations of the Holy Scripture can cause confusions and misunderstandings among Christians and non-Christians alike. To ensure that what you are following is the true will of God, have a deeper study of the Bible.

Surrender your life to God

The ultimate goal of God’s overall plan for your life is to move you close to Him. He wants you to establish a strong and deep relationship with Him. So, to fulfill the plan of God, you need to surrender your life willingly to Him. Dedicate yourself to doing whatever it is that He desires for you to do. Be committed in serving God and in helping other people find their way toward Him. Be so much willing to live for Him in the same way that Jesus Christ was willing to die for you. It is when you surrender yourself to Him that you truly begin to recognize and feel His guidance.

Overall, God’s overall plan for your life has already been laid out. It is only a matter of discernment and realization for you to be able to determine where your life should be heading toward. God has long been calling you. You only need to listen more closely to what your heart says in order to hear His voice. The will of God has already been provided in the Holy Scripture. You only need read it, keep it in your mind and heart, and follow it. More importantly, the ultimate goal of God’s plan for you is to move you closer and closer to Him. So, the most essential thing that you should do, as a Christian, is to surrender your life willingly to God.

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