Why We Need to Study the Bible Thoroughly

The Bible is the most important literature in the world. It contains all of the answers to our life’s questions. If we want to grow in our Christian faith and understand life better, then the Bible is something that we need to learn by heart. Learning the Bible by heart means that we study it correctly and comprehensively instead of just merely reading it. Studying the Bible in depth is a fundamental step in our growth as Christians. David D. Murdoch, an author and a faithful follower of God, greatly exemplifies this point. David D. Murdoch has read and studied the Bible most of his life. He even studied the Bible in its original manuscript in order to understand the messages of God accordingly and more accurately. As a result of his faithfulness and dedication to studying the Holy Scripture, David D. Murdoch has been living a truly blessed life that is consistent with the will of God. This largely manifests the important of studying the Bible. In essence, there are plenty of reasons why we need to study the Bible thoroughly.

To avoid misinterpreting the Word of God

Many people read and preach the Word of God. However, sometimes, not all of them actually understand what God is trying to say in His messages. Such failure to understand then often leads to misinterpretation. Misinterpretation seems to have become common within the Christian community. Over the history of humankind, many people have misinterpreted the Word of God and used it out of context to justify their sinful behaviors or prejudicial beliefs. This is quite dangerous, of course. The continuous misinterpretation and misuse of the Word of God can lead to a horrible world full of chaos and sin. When the world has come to that point wherein it wallows in nothing but sinfulness, humankind is doomed. For this reason, it is important for us to avoid misinterpreting and misusing the Word of God by thoroughly studying the Bible. When we devote a great amount of our time to studying the Bible, especially in its original text as David D. Murdoch emphasizes, we can better understand the sacred messages of God Himself.

To learn more about who God truly is

As Christians, it is our duty to reach out to God and put effort into getting to know Him. In order to develop a firm and profound relationship with God, we need to learn more about who He truly is. Generally, people know God as the ultimate authority – the creator of heaven and earth, and the beginning and the end of the universe. Although these things are true, God is also actually more than these titles. Beyond His grand authority is a father and a companion whom we can place our whole confidence and trust in. He is our comforter, protector, and provider. He will never leave us behind, put us in harm’s way, nor condemn us. God is the only one who can understand us when we cannot even understand ourselves. Even before we speak, He already knows what we need and what our hearts desire. This is what the Bible tells us about who God truly is. He is someone we can have a personal and genuine connection with. By thoroughly studying the Bible, we can know God more intimately this way.

To receive proper guidance in life

God has given us the Bible in order to guide us on how we should live our lives according to His plan. Everything that we need to know about the universe can be found in the Holy Scripture. Questions about our purpose in life, particularly, can be answered by the Bible. All of us basically have a purpose in life. We are created by God and placed into this world for a reason. Sometimes, however, finding our purpose can be quite difficult, especially amid the noises of the world. Without proper guidance, we can get lost and stray further from our true purpose, which God Himself has bestowed upon us. To prevent this from happening, it is important for us to study the Bible in depth. The Bible is essentially our ultimate guidebook in life. It can clear any confusion that we might have, and it helps us stay focused on the main reason why we are here on earth. As David D. Murdoch has said, the Bible is important in answering our life’s uncertainties.

Ultimately, the Bible is most important literature in the world. It is the ultimate source of wisdom, knowledge, and guidance that everyone of us need. In order for us to live a better life – one that is consistent with our true purpose and with the plan of God – we need not only to read the Bible, but study it in depth. We need to have a deeper and more accurate understanding of the messages of God. By studying the Bible thoroughly like David D. Murdoch, we can become better Christians not just for ourselves but for our entire community and God most importantly.

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