The Holy Scriptures and Their Significance to Christianity

In every religion, there is always a God and a book that contains the word of the Divine Being. In Christianity, this book is called the Bible. It is considered as one of the earliest forms of Christian literature that is sacred and valuable. Although there have been various speculations and uncertainties on who authored the Bible and if its content is factual, the Bible remains a significant book for in the Christian community.

The Bible is considered as an anthology for it is composed of various stories about God and his connection to mankind. These tales also include parables, historical accounts, allegories, hymns, and more. During the 13th century, the sacred book was split into different chapters by Stephen Langton while in the 16th century, it was separated into verses by Robert Estienne. Furthermore, the Holy Scriptures have created a great impact on the avenue of both history and literature. It is considered as amongst the many influential books for all-ages.

On the other hand, the Holy Scriptures are not only about Christianity but also about Judaism. These words are being valued and considered holy by the people of God. There are different types of bibles, such as the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Bible. The latter is composed of two books called the Old Testament and the New Testament.

There are various books in the corner of literature that were inspired or based form the Bible. Examples of these books are The Bible was not Written in English: How Church Traditions Have Kept Us in the Dark by David Murdoch, Return to Me (The Restoration Chronicle #1) by Lynn Austin, Girl Defined: God’s Radical Design for Beauty, Femininity, and Identity by Kristen Clark, and more.

The Holy Scriptures pertain to the writings that are found in the Bible; in other words, the words of God. These scriptures center on the greatness of the Lord, His plans, goodness, and power. People who have suffered immeasurable pain, stumbled upon unfortunate events, and lost their way may find light in the darkness by reading His words. These Holy Scriptures miraculously motivate, heal, and guide those son and daughters of God that are broken and weary.

There are various aspects that will show the significance of the words of God in every Christian’s life. That said, listed below are five strong reasons which prove that the Holy Scriptures are important part of Christianity.

Record the Greatness of God

The Bible serves as the written record which proves that there is a God who is powerful and merciful. From the creation until the revelations, the Bible have manifested how great and divine God is. The Bible can also be compared to an autobiography or memoir for it documents the scenes where God showcases how he created mankind, punished those who deserves punishment, made miracles happen, and save people from sins. For those people who were baptized in Christianity, the Bible is the primary agent that will bring them closer to the Almighty Father for it contain His ways and His truth.

Enlighten the Minds of People

God’s words are instruments of change and hope. They give people clearer views on life; thus, making their minds free from worries and uncertainties. Like self-help books, the Bible also offers and promotes spiritual healing and self-development. Upon hearing or reading the words of God, people will gradually create a brand-new mindset and get a better view on life. There are also plenty of verses in the Bible that promotes enlightenment, such as Psalm 43:3, Ephesians 1:18, John 8:12, Micah 7:8-9, Psalm 18:28, and more.

Show the Right Path

It is undeniable that there are some people who have lost their way or are currently figuring out which path to take. There will be a lot of uncertainties and worries that will come to every person’s way but through the word of the Lord, these weariness and doubts will slowly fade away. There are various testimonies that are present in the online platform from people who have experienced being guided by God on finding the correct way through life. Moreover, examples of Bible verses that pertains to finding the right path are John 14:6, Mark 1:3, Matthew 7:13, Proverbs 3:6, etc.

Help Build or Strengthen the Faith

The Bible brings people to be closer to God. It is amongst the many primary media that makes Christians shape up and strengthen their Faith to the Lord. In these times where there are various temptations, sins, and evils, the word of God helps people to vanquish these afflictions. By knowing that God is present and within every person’s heart and mind, the weariness and fear will start to disappear and will be replaced by calmness and peace of mind. There will be nothing to be afraid of for as long as one continues to trust God, everything will fall into place.






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